C. B. Boff's Proclamations

Through great archeological efforts by our companion on this trip, Rex Ridenoure, President and CEO of Ecliptic Enterprises we are now able to present this important missive from Dr. Boff. Written in the year 1999 of the current era (please make careful note of the year), it includes a discussion of the change in the millenium and an admonishment that we should attempt to travel eastward at the appropriate time so as to maximize our speed through the universe.

In the earlier days at JPL, it was planned that there would be an open house with the public invited. Among other things, computer generated movies were to be shown of the possible future meetings. It was felt that if we were going to show movies that we should also provide popcorn to go with them. This led to consternation when funding was requested for this. The Parable of the Popcorn was written describing this.