ASEN 5519: Computational Mission Analysis

Lab 1: Pre-Lab Assignment

STK Familiarization


Assigned: Jan. 16

Complete by: Jan. 28



The purpose of this exercise is to become familiar with the basic aspects of STK.  You are not required to turn in a report, however it is expected that you will be familiar with the basic functions of STK that are covered in this assignment.  If you have never/rarely used STK it is essential that you complete the tutorials within this lab.  Even if you are proficient at using STK, it is highly recommend that the tutorials be reviewed in order to ensure that you are familiar with topics that are introduced.



The computers in the Vision’s Lab have STK version 4.2 installed.  The lab instructions throughout the course will be for version 4.2.  If you wish to do this assignment outside of the Vision’s Lab, and you are running a different version of STK, be aware that the instructions may not apply for your version.


Locate STK/VO and open it.  This will bring up the Scenario Manager window (if the Scenario Manager does not come up, choose Scenario Manager from the File menu).  Under Training/Demo Scenarios, choose “Training Exercises” under Category, and then choose “basics” under Scenario.  Click “OK”.  This will bring up several windows: the STK Browser, the STK 2-d map, the STK VO window (3-d map), and a web browser with a tutorial.  Follow the directions and complete the entire tutorial (all 8 activities).


When you have finished the “basics” tutorial, highlight the “basics” scenario and choose “close” in the in the File menu.  Also close the tutorial in the web browser.  This will bring up the Scenario Manager again.  Choose the “Training Exercises” under Category and “orbits” under Scenario, and then click “OK”.  Again, a web browser with a tutorial will be launched.  Complete the entire tutorial (all 5 activities).


The first lab will be an introduction to STK/Astrogator.  Very little time will be spent on the basics of STK and it will be assumed that you are comfortable with using STK.  Although it is not required, if you would like to start getting familiar with Astrogator before the lab, choose Module Help from the Help menu, and click Astrogator Help (make sure you have closed the other web browser tutorial first).



There is no assignment to turn in for this exercise, however it will be assumed that you will be familiar with the topics introduced above.


If you have any questions about the lab, you can e-mail Jason at or Rodney at