Bonus Handouts

The History of C3 - Just where did that term come from?

Restricted 4-Body Paper

Lunar Cycler Paper

Dandelin Paper (conic section solution)

NSTAGE.doc (Code for N-Stage optimization)

Is It SEP Yet?

Uncommon Sense in Orbit Mechanics

IMPULSE 2002 Excerpts (A paper for amateur rocketeers)

Finite Burn Loss Calculator

Art and Science of Lunar Gravity Assist

I was Wr- Wr- Wrong (Corrections to Restricted 4-Body Paper)

KOZSAK Memo - Posted March 20.

Mean to Osculating Element Converter (FORTRAN) - Posted March 20.

I Before E - Posted March 20.

Aero-Gravity-Assist - Posted April 5.

NORAD 2 Line Element Conversion - Posted March 28.

Stability of HEEO Orbits - Posted April 10.

Plots of 20,000 x 400,000 km Orbit - Posted April 10.

Lidov Eulogy Letter - Posted April 10.

Earth to Earth Transfer for VEEGA Trajectory - Posted April 10.

Graphical Representation of Mean Anomaly - Posted April 22.

Fast Solar Sails - Posted April 29.